Our wrap platform

At Nexus, our preferred fund administration platform is Nucleus. Essentially, the platform allows us to monitor all your investments in one place. It includes all relevant tax wrappers such as pension wrappers including SIPP’s, individual savings accounts and onshore and offshore bonds.


This lets us make sure you are using all available tax reliefs, thresholds and allowances to make your financial planning more effective. It offers a full range of investment asset classes and investment vehicles such as equity and bond funds, exchange traded funds and investment trusts. It also serves as a platform for any individual shares you may hold and has a cash account. The cash account should help us manage your money in the most efficient way possible.

At Nexus, we think Nucleus is particularly cost effective when switching between funds and different types of assets. This may be necessary if we agree to an adjustment to the asset allocation of your portfolio, for example, because of changed investment circumstances or perhaps because you are moving to safer investments as you get closer to retirement.