Our advice in 6 easy steps

Step one

The first step involves getting to know each other. This is your opportunity to decide whether you want to work with us and for us to find out about you, your aspirations and goals. This helps us begin to understand your needs and how our services could be of benefit you. The initial meeting is free.


Step two

At this stage, we move things on to a more formal basis. We will ask you for the specific information about existing arrangements which may include life insurance, pensions and/or investments and more detail about your financial circumstances. This is an important part of our process to ensure we ‘know our clients’. We would typically agree and sign our terms of engagement * at this time.

Step three

Taking your existing arrangements into consideration, we will then carry out extensive research and analysis to allow us to make the most suitable recommendations and solutions to meet your financial objectives within your budget.
We aim to break down what can appear to be complex subject matter into plain English.