Corporate services

Many IFA practices focus on individual clients – the private investors, so to speak. At Nexus, we recognise the value of having an equally close relationship with our corporate clients. We have relationships with a range of professional firms of accountants and lawyers, allowing us to offer the full range of advice services to our professional clients, be they sole traders, small, medium and even larger businesses.


The financial challenges facing companies can be very complicated and it is vital to get them right. There may be tax implications for your business, they can help you attract and retain the best staff, and in some cases, there will be new government requirements for example around company pensions.
We can help you kick-starting or reviewing existing employee benefit schemes, discussing the protection needs of the business in terms of keyman or shareholder protection insurance, group pension schemes and generally make sure your business benefits and protection strategy is optimised.

There are also additional tax implications for companies which we are fully equipped to advise on. We can and have worked alongside all types professional services firms that help you run your business – particularly solicitors and accountants. By collaborating with other professionals, we believe we can help give you the highest standards of business advice.